Highly experienced

Based on experiences and knowledge provided by skillful and qualified professionals

Safe and secure
KJ Glovice VC LLC provides the most stable, secure, and reliable trading environment for our all traders.
We are here to provide a stable and secure trading platform with no dealing desk forex broker to serve a global retail client base. Our professional management and support team consists of highly qualified and experienced forex and fin-tech professionals with experience in providing the best trading environment and 24/5 client support to our clients.
Glovice VC has developed a strong team of forex professionals. With many years of combined financial services and management consulting experience, you can rely on the Glovice VC leadership team to provide the most stable, secure, and reliable trading environment.
Glovice VC is a foreign exchange (forex), metal, indices, energy, and commodities broker serving retail clients around the world. Glovice VC is committed to creating an optimum trading environment with a secure framework for any exchange and offering our clients the best possible assistance.
Our overall vision is to be the best forex brokerage provider company in the world. We strive to do this by delivering the highest level of customer service and ensuring that our customers are handled equally. We want to be your reliable global partner in the forex market.
Who we are

Glovice VC is a Forex and commodity broker, providing trading services and facilities. Through its strategy of providing its clients with the best possible trading conditions and allowing both scalpers and traders to have unlimited access to its liquidity through expert advisors.

What we provide

Glovice VC provides different types of accounts, trading applications, and tools to promote online Forex and derivatives trading. All of our clients can access different spreads and liquidity through state-of-the-art automated trading platforms. Glovice VC offers an unprecedented range of account options that can be chosen by customers to enjoy a customized trading experience that fits their needs perfectly.